Build the Wall: The Game, an iPhone game created by pro-Trump internet personality Baked Alaska, has been rejected from the Apple App Store for including a cameo by Pepe the Frog,” Charlie Nash reports for Breitbart tech. “‘I had a free game coming out on iOS today for y’all, but Apple has banned it’s release due to a cartoon picture of Pepe The Frog #FreePepe,’ announced Alaska (real name Timothy Treadstone) on Twitter along with a screenshot of the game and Apple’s response on Wednesday.”

“‘Your app includes content that many users would find objectionable and offensive,’ claimed Apple in their rejection letter of the game, which is currently available for free on the Google Play store. ‘Specifically, your app includes Pepe the Frog character,'” Nash reports. “‘It’s just a fun little game where you are building a wall to keep out illegal immigrants, and as the illegal immigrants climb over the wall there’s a timer, and if you run out of time you’re out’ explained Treadstone in an interview with Breitbart Tech. ‘Your quest is to build the highest wall.'”

“‘The hypocrisy of it is there’s dozens of Pepe the Frog apps already out on the App Store, and these are Pepe the Frog-based apps where Pepe is the icon. We merely had a cameo of Pepe,’ Treadstone continued. ‘We get banned because it’s a pro-Trump app, but you can have an app only about Pepe and that’s not offensive,'” Nash reports. “In July, Apple’s App Store also rejected a satirical game based on the Hillary Clinton email servers scandal. Apple branded the game as ‘offensive’ and ‘objectionable’ before reversing their decision following a report at Breitbart.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Poor Pepe. Our hearts weep.

(Interns, if that keg isn’t tapped by now… That’s right, it’s five o’clock somewhere! Some people run on Dunkin. We run on dunkel. Even more so as this election year proceeds.)

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