“In a bold move, Apple dropped the 3.5mm headphone jack from the iPhone 7 last month,” Mac Authority writes. “Apple will do the same for the 2016 MacBook Pro.”

“Eliminating the century-old headphone jack frees up space for a lightning port,” Mac Authority writes. “This new MacBook Pro release in 2016 is long over-due, with a year having passed since the last MacBook Pro update.”

“Evidence for the new MacBook design first surfaced when it was revealed that Apple has been quietly surveying customers about their habits with the headphone jack on the current MacBook Pro. This is pretty strong evidence that the 2016 MacBook will be headphone-jackless – which makes sense from a consistency stand point,” Mac Authority writes. “Apple prides itself on consistency across products. As it discontinues the headphone on the iPhone, it’s very likely that this will apply cross platform. Apple won’t duplicate efforts to manufacture both wired and wireless headphones to go with its product lines.”

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MacDailyNews Take: We shall soon see, but we wouldn’t miss the antiquated 3.5mm headphone jack if Apple did replace it with the much more capable Lightning port.