“Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, a red arrow going through the middle of a capitol ‘H,’ was influenced by Apple, according to emails posted by WikiLeaks from the account of Clinton’s aide John Podesta,” Justin Yu reports for CNET.

“One email from Wendy Clark, a marketing executive, sent in February 2015 (prior to Clinton’s official White House bid) describes how the campaign’s ‘window logo’ should eventually become associated with Clinton’s positions, similar to how Apple’s branding is attached to consumer technology,” Yu reports.

Hillary Clinton campaign logo

Hillary Clinton campaign logo

“Although the design hadn’t been finalized at the time, the messages also go into detail comparing Clinton’s visual representation to Obama’s own mark.”

“Last week, Julian Assange kept his promise to publish more leaked documents relevant to the US presidential election,” Yu reports. “He also said the site would publish all documents related to the US presidential election before the vote on November 8.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Uh, are you sure this didn’t have anything to do with it?

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