“Google’s latest effort to show off its vision for ‘Pure Android’ hardware costs the same as Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus but is half as fast, lacks Optical Image Stabilization, a telephoto lens, weather resistance, support for wide color gamut and stereo speakers,” Daniel Eran Dilger writes for AppleInsider. “Perhaps even more remarkably, the ‘first Phone by Google’ lacks support for SD Cards and removable batteries and lacks the extra RAM and processing power needed to run Android. ”

“In a departure from previous Nexus phones that aimed to deliver Android on a budget, Google’s HTC-built Pixel XL demands Apple’s price, starting at $769 for the 32-gigabyte version,” Dilger writes. “It offers the same 128-gigabyte option for $100 more, but lacks the largest 256-gigabyte storage tier available on iPhone 7 Plus.”

“The Pixel XL also 4 gigabytes of system RAM, vs 3 gigabytes in Apple’s iPhone 7 Plus. That’s an issue because Android does a far worse job at managing memory. In fact, third party testing has shown that Android software, particularly games, routinely use up four times the RAM as the same software running on iOS,” Dilger writes. “On top, Google bragged that the Pixel phones don’t have a ‘camera bump,’ as if less capable optics were an aesthetic feature.”

Tons more in the full article – highly recommendedhere.

MacDailyNews Take: The general media’s coverage of Google’s latest “first phone by Google” seems slanted in favor of Google for some reason. Perhaps it’s because Google controls the vast majority of online advertising dollars?

When the media seems to be selling you a narrative that simply does not match the facts, follow the money.

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