Which? is getting lots of attention today on strength of its report that claims smaller batteries don’t last as long as larger batteries,” Jonny Evans writes for Apple Must. “That’s the only logical discovery the organization made in a flawed-by-design smartphone battery life test that’s being widely reported.”

“What the report’s headline doesn’t make clear is that the iPhone 7 in the test has a 4.7-inch display, while all three of the other smartphone models tested are larger (5.1-inches, or more), and equipped with larger batteries,” Evans writes. “In other words, the larger the battery the longer the battery life. Which? even admits this, saying, ‘it should hardly be surprising that one battery nearly half the size of another offers roughly half as much charge.'”

“It’s easy to imagine the test was set up precisely to deliver the conclusion the magazine chose to run as its headline,” Evans writes. “The test it ran is an unfair test, a perfect example of selective testing.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Which?‘s test is eclipsed in both clumsiness and stupidity only by the site’s name.