When NYC restaurateur, Shake Shack founder, and millionaire Danny Meyer’s “30-year-old Union Square Cafe reopens in Manhattan next month, every floor manager and sommelier will be wearing an Apple Watch,” Daniela Galarza reports for Eater. “And when a VIP walks through the front door, someone orders a bottle of wine, a new table is seated, a guest waits too long to order her or his drink, or a menu item runs out, every manager will get an alert via the tiny computer attached to their wrist.

Galarza reports, “In an announcement made moments ago at the TechTable Summit, representatives from Meyer’s Union Square Hospitality Group and Resy — the reservation system start-up founded by (Eater co-founder) Ben Leventhal, Michael Montero, and Gary Vaynerchuk — confirmed a partnership that would integrate the Apple Watch into front-of-house restaurant service… It’s a forward-thinking approach to technology in hospitality that’s never been tried before. So far no restaurant has asked its staffers to don a wearable during dinner service. In fact, for most restaurant employees, mobile usage is banned during service hours.”

For now, “Apple Watches will not replace communication between servers and management,” Galarza reports. “But when a guest has finished dining, a manager can ping the coat room attendant to fetch the guest’s coat; when a diner orders a bottle of wine, a manager need not print a ticket for the order — instead… the sommelier’s Apple Watch [will be pinged], eliminating an extra step in the often time-consuming process.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Before too long, Apple Watch will be everywhere.

In the words of someone we know who just began wearing their first Apple Watch a week or so ago: “Oh, duh, now I get it!”

Along with many millions of people, you are going to want an Apple Watch. All you have to do it touch it and see even a glimpse of what it can do and you’ll be sold. Apple Watch already does so much, but once third-party developers get a hold of WatchKit and really dig in, the sky’s the limit! — SteveJack, MacDailyNews, September 9, 2014