“Apple is bolstering its growing business with corporate IT customers through a new partnership with Deloitte, as the iPhone maker moves to capitalise on BlackBerry’s withdrawal from the smartphone market,” Tim Bradshaw reports for The Financial Times. “‘Two big forces, mobility and digitalisation, are fundamentally changing the enterprise,’ Punit Renjen, chief executive of Deloitte Global, told the FT. After Apple has already changed the way people live with its iPhones, he said, ‘we are trying to do that in the way that work gets done.'”

“Wednesday’s announcement of Apple’s deal with Deloitte came just hours after BlackBerry said that it would stop selling its mobile devices in order to focus on software. BlackBerry’s hardware has been in decline for several years despite its repeated attempts to respond to the iPhone, both by switching to touchscreen devices then trying to double down on the physical keyboards for which it is best known,” Bradshaw reports. “‘I think their sales have been fairly low for a while,’ Mr Cook said of BlackBerry. ‘We are very focused on the opportunity and we see it as massive.'”

“Apple has said its annual run-rate revenues from enterprise customers to September 2015 were $25bn, up 40 per cent on the prior year. Mr Cook did not provide its latest figures but said that while enterprise sales were smaller than its consumer-facing business, ‘you should think about the growth rates being higher … Things are going very well,'” Bradshaw reports. “Deloitte itself is a large Apple corporate customer, with more than 100,000 iOS devices and 75 custom-built apps in use across its organisation.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Blackberry was still making phones? 😉

Huh. Well, amateur hour really is over now.

iPhone, killer.

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