“Apple’s ‘This is 7’ slogan for its new iPhone 7 has a rather unfortunate translation in Hong Kong,” Libby Plummer and Julian Luk report for The Daily Mail.” Smartphone users have been mocking the technology firm’s latest marketing line because it sounds just like ‘This is penis’ in Cantonese.”

“China is one of Apple’s biggest markets, but the translations for its new slogan differ drastically across mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan,” Plummer and Luk report. “While mainlanders and Taiwanese people predominantly speak Mandarin, Hong Kong dwellers typically converse in Cantonese, which is why the comical translation only affects them.”

“While the translated slogans are inoffensive in Mandarin, in Cantonese, ‘seven’ is pronounced as ‘chat’ which also happens to be a slang word for penis,” Plummer and Luk report. “The number ‘seven’ is widely used in local politics to make fun of politicians.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Well, it’s better than “This is ass” and certainly beats Samsplode’s latest: “This is fire.”

Come to think of it, this might even sell more iPhone 7 units! (Get it? Units.)

Yeah, yeah, there’s a “7 Plus” joke in here somewhere, but our minds are already drifting to that TGIF iced keg sitting in the corner over there… We’l leave that for Dennis Rodman.

Regardless, we predict continued survival and even – GASP! – wild success for Apple Inc.