“What do you get for the Apple fan who has everything? How about Steve Jobs’ bathrobe and electric razors?” Stephanie Mlot reports for PC Magazine. “Julien’s Live, a ‘premier’ high-profile celebrity and entertainment auction house, is hawking more than 30 items from the late Apple co-founder’s wardrobe.”

“From the vault of the Jackling House — a California mansion where Jobs lived in the mid-1980s — a selection of the entrepreneur’s clothes and accessories is available for upwards of $4,000,” Mlot reports. “Though, with 21 auction days remaining, those prices are likely to increase.”

“The 32-item lot is filled with middling items,” Mlot reports “There are, however, a few hidden gems, including the man’s portable Sony CD player (current bid: $200), black Seiko watch (current bid: $1,500), and leather jacket—worn in the famous Jobs-gives-IBM-the-finger photo (current bid: $4,000).”

Steve Jobs flips off IBM

Steve Jobs flips off IBM

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MacDailyNews Take: We checked the box ties up for auction. None of them seem to be the one Jobs wore when he introduced Macintosh.

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