“The designer of the chips that run most of the world’s mobile devices has announced its first dedicated processor for use in supercomputers,” Jamie Condliffe reports for MIOT Technology Review.

“The British company ARM Holdings, which was recently acquired by the Japanese telecom and Internet company SoftBank, has announced a new kind of chip architecture dedicated to high-performance computing,” Condliffe reports. The new designs use what’s known as vector processing to work with large quantities of data simultaneously, making them well suited to applications such as financial and scientific computing.””

“Intel will be worried by the purchase. The once-dominant chipmaker missed the boat on chips for mobile devices, allowing ARM to dominate the sector. But until recently it’s always been a leading player in the supercomputer arena,” Condliffe reports. “Now the world’s fastest supercomputer is built using Chinese-made chips, and clearly ARM plans to give it a run for its money, too.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Intel’s getting slammed on all sides.

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