“As always, a healthy dose of skepticism is important when it comes to an alleged ‘battery breakthrough,'” Fred Lambert reports for Electrek. “Those announcements are being made every 2-3 months over the last decade and rarely anything comes to it, but at least we can always rely on the 5-8% annual incremental improvements in li-ion battery capacity. It’s not a ‘breakthrough’ or doubling of capacity, but it adds up.”

Lambert reports, “Now it’s time for another MIT spinout, after the defunct A123 Systems, to claim to have created the next battery breakthrough with an anode-free li-metal battery that could achieve an energy density of up to 500 Wh/kg – about twice the capacity of the current cells found in Tesla’s vehicles for example.”

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MacDailyNews Take: If only we had a nickel for every “battery breakthrough.” Here’s hoping this one pans out as hoped!

Battery that will power your phone for ‘twice as long’ coming next year – August 17, 2016