“There are rumours spreading about a big upgrade to Final Cut Pro X and it could be in October and maybe involved with a New MacPro,” LearnFinalCut reports. “Indications are that features of macOS Sierra (10.12) will allow new internals for Final Cut Pro.”

“Maybe the FCPX Creative Summit 28-30 October will be a good time for Apple to announce or release a new MacPro and tie that with the new Operating system and an upgrade of FCPX,” LearnFinalCut reports. “Code in Mac OS X El Capitan hints that a new Mac Pro (one with 10 USB 3 ports) could arrive soon. The code that offers a hint that a new Mac Pro may be on its way is a reference to a new Mac that’s codenamed ‘AAPLJ95,1’ within El Capitan, according to Pike’s Universum.”

Apple's Mac Pro (released December 19, 2013 and never updated)

Apple’s Mac Pro (released December 19, 2013 and never updated)

LearnFinalCut reports, “The current Mac Pro is similarly codenamed ‘AAPLJ90,1’ so it’s plausible that the code refers to a new version of the professional-level workstation.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Let’s hope we see both FCPX and a new Mac Pro (especially) by the end of October!

The Mac Pro is revolutionary, but Apple could really stand to, you know, update the thing once and awhile. Not doing so makes it look like Apple regards professional Mac users as an afterthought. Sometimes Apple, the world’s most profitable and most valuable company, still operates as if they have five guys from NeXT working around the clock trying to do all the work on a shoestring budget… Read more in our full Take here. — MacDailyNews, November 27, 2015

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