“A security firm is offering up to $500,000 for information on zero-day vulnerabilities in iOS, surpassing Apple’s bug bounty just days after it was announced,” Michael Kan reports for IDG News Service.

“On Tuesday, Texas-based Exodus Intelligence said it will give between $5,000 and $500,000 for zero-day vulnerabilities relating to iOS version 9.3 and higher,” Kan reports. “Exodus’s announcement might draw interest away from Apple’s own bug bounty program, which was unveiled last week. Apple is giving as much as $200,000 for critical vulnerabilities in iOS.”

“Xero-day vulnerabilities are also valuable to private security companies. Exodus Intelligence makes its business by alerting clients of critical threats before the software providers and hackers even know of them,” Kan reports. “The company claims it can warn clients of the flaws up to two years in advance.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The more, the merrier! Thanks to these new programs, Apple product users will enjoy even more security and privacy protections.

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