“Last Thursday, my beloved Pioneer Elite 50-inch plasma HDTV suddenly died,” Walt Mossberg writes for The Verge. “I had owned it for nearly a decade, and when it was new it was regarded by many as the best TV on the market. I distinctly recall Steve Jobs recommending it to me, among others, and I sprang for it even though its roughly $5,000 price (with optional side-panel speakers) put a much bigger dent in our family’s budget than it had in his.”

“So I set out to snare a new TV,” Mossberg writes. “But it wasn’t as easy a task as you might think it would be, even for a longtime tech reviewer.”

“We came home with a 55-inch LG OLED B series TV,” Mossberg writes. “I kept thinking while being barely helped at Best Buy, and then stumbling to explain the UI to my very smart wife, that it was no wonder that my old TV advisor, Steve Jobs, thought toward the end of his life in 2011 that the TV as a device was ripe for disruption.”

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MacDailyNews Take: The UI and, indeed, the whole TV paradigm screams for Apple to truly disrupt it. That’s why last year’s half-baked, beta-esque, non-4K, Remote app-less Apple TV was such a disappointment. (We still can’t believe Apple shipped such an obviously unfinished product.) Here’s hoping Apple has something game-changing up its collective sleeve to be revealed in time for Christmas this year!