“Google/Alphabet is a modern-day Bell Telephone that is wasting billions of dollars on fruitless research projects that will never significantly contribute to the company’s bottom line,” PLM Investments writes for Seeking Alpha.

“Alphabet, and some other major modern tech companies seem to have not learned the lessons of the last generation of engineers and business leaders regarding R&D’s role in commercial innovation and its management. Especially as it pertains to coming up with high-value commercial successes in relatively short time periods in order to meet shareholder and board of director demands,” PLM Investments writes. “Major new innovations are rarely managed into existence.”

“Here is the crux of my argument. Alphabet revenue will be around $80B in 2016. To make a 10% positive impact on that, you’d need to come up with a new business that adds $8B/year in revenue today. That number will presumably keep growing every year,” PLM Investments writes. “Do you really think such a business, or combination of multiple smaller businesses, will pop out of the “Other Bets?” I believe that to be very unlikely. ”

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MacDailyNews Take: Our Lady of Perpetual Beta certainly doesn’t suffer from a lack of hubris.

No major tech company gets more bang for their R&D buck than Apple.

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