“This week could have looked much different for Apple if the company’s Q3 earnings report had been as bad as many were preparing for,” Bill Maurer writes for Seeking Alpha. “The technology giant beat lowered expectations and Q4 guidance wasn’t as bad as the street had feared.”

“This bodes well for the initial launch of the next iPhone in September, but the true test will come in the December period when comps are much harder,” Maurer writes. “After Wednesday’s rally, Apple shares are still a dollar and change from where they went into last quarter’s report, but they are more than 15% off their 52-week low.”

“Mac sales were a little soft as the PC industry continues to weaken, but we got extremely strong unit sales and selling prices from the iPad,” Maurer writes. “Compared to expectations and percentage declines, this was probably the tablet’s best quarter in a couple of years, and that could bode well for the second half of 2016 if the company refreshes most to all of its model lines.”

MacDailyNews Take: Ditto for the Mac.

Maurer writes, “While many analysts said this was the bottom for Apple, the harder test will come in October…”

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MacDailyNews Take: New Macs, please. There is significant pent-up Mac demand out here. Perhaps, that (some nice high-margin Mac outperformance) is what Apple’s banking on for the holiday quarter?