“When it comes to technology, the word ‘server’ might bring to mind, for some, a warehouse-sized room not unlike the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark, but with fewer crates and more racks of computers,” Dan Moren writes for Macworld. “For others it might be the cause of sweaty palms and glazed-over eyes.”

“But servers don’t need to be mysterious or scary — after all, a server is just a computer that serves up information (and/or services) that can be accessed by other computers,” Moren writes. “Sure, it can get more complex than that, but it can also be a fairly simple and invaluable tool.”

Moren writes, “I run a Mac mini server on my home network for a handful of reasons that are fairly mundane, but all of which help at least provide some peace of mind, especially when I’m not in the house.”

Three reasons to run your own Mac server:
• The portal
• The media
• The vault

Much more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Do you run a home server? We do – for media, backup, VPN and more.

How to turn a Mac mini into a media server with Plex – December 28, 2015