“Apple TV, ‘wasn’t the first streaming media device in the living room, but it was the most successful in creating a platform for premium content,’ Albert Lai, Chief Technology Officer, Media at online video platform, Brightcove tells AppleHolic,” Jonny Evans reports for Computerworld. “Apple TV is already ‘a must have platform for practically every streaming service,’ he explains.”

Evans reports, “‘Apple TV was an emphatic statement that the television is simply a ‘dumb screen,’ and that the living room experience is defined by being digital, interactive, and device-centric for mobile and streaming media,’ explained Brightcove’s Lai. ‘The power of the Apple TV is that it becomes another touch-point in the company-consumer relationship.'”

“While cheaper streaming devices exist, Apple’s TV offering brings compatibility between Macs, iPads, iPhones and more. This means the shows, films, music and applications you use on one platform can migrate to another, the user is firmly in control,” Evans reports. “And that’s the point. Apple TV isn’t a streaming box, it’s much more than that. It’s a platform for future evolution of software, products and services that can augment your digital experience.”

Much more in the full article – recommended – here.

MacDailyNews Take: We’re enjoying Apple TV immensely, but we’re still waiting for Amazon Prime and 4K capability. Until then, we’re using the Amazon app that resides on and delivers crystal clear 4K content to our Sony 4K Smart LED TVs.

Yes, we want The Grand Tour (in 4K, no less)!