“First, there was HealthKit, Apple’s platform for tracking health and fitness data through your iPhone or Watch,” Jo Best reports for ZDNet. “Then came ResearchKit, the Apple framework for gathering health data from iOS devices for use in medical research. Now, CareKit, announced in March, could be able to set to fill in the gaps.”

“The aim of CareKit, according to Apple, is to create a software framework that developers can use to help people ‘to actively manage their own medical conditions,'” Best reports. “There are similarities between HealthKit and CareKit — both can be used by patients to gather information on a condition and potentially provide data back to healthcare providers. In the case of HealthKit, an individual could take blood pressure readings to track their hypertension; in CareKit, that could be monitoring your mood to see if a medication is working — as in the case of Iodine’s CareKit app, Start.”

Bets reports, “While both are health-focused, HealthKit is as much about good health as ill health, whereas CareKit’s focus is more on the how to manage longer-term illnesses and other events that can affect health on an ongoing basis, such as pregnancy or surgery.”

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