“In light of two fatal police shootings of black men in as many days, Apple chief executive Tim Cook voiced a call for justice on Thursday, calling the recent events ‘senseless killings,'” AppleInsider reports.

“In his tweet, Cook alluded to two police shootings that left two black men dead this week,” AppleInsider reports. “On Tuesday, Alton Sterling, 37, was killed buy Baton Rouge. La., police responding to a 911 call, and yesterday Philando Castile died from wounds sustained during a routine traffic stop in Falcon Heights, Minn. Cellphone video footage from both encounters surfaced on social media and the web, sparking outrage nationwide.”

AppleInsider reports, “Cook has long been an outspoken supporter of the civil rights movement, using his status in the technology community as a platform to speak plainly about gender and race inequality.”

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“A suspect who died after a standoff with Dallas police said he wanted to kill white people — especially white officers — and that he was upset about “the recent police shootings,” and that he acted alone, Dallas Police Chief David Brown told reporters Friday,” Faith Karimi and Ralph Ellis report for CNN. “The suspect eventually was killed by a bomb that authorities detonated, Brown said. ‘We saw no other option but to use our bomb robot and place a device on its extension for it to detonate where the suspect was,” Brown said. “Other options would have exposed our officers to grave danger. The suspect is deceased as a result of detonating the bomb.'”

“Five police officers were killed and seven others were injured in the ambush in Dallas that began Thursday night, officials have said, in the deadliest single incident for U.S. law enforcement since September 11, 2001. Two civilians also were injured in the shootings, the office of Dallas’ mayor has said,” Karimi and Ellis report. “Brown said an investigation into the ambush continues. ‘I’m not going to be satisfied until we’ve turned over every stone. We’ve got some level that this one suspect did do some of the shooting. But we’re not satisfied that we’ve exhausted every lead,’ he said. ‘So if there’s someone out there who’s associated with this, we will find you, we will prosecute you, and we will bring you to justice.'”

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