“According to a recent report from The Telegraph, Google plans to further expand its product portfolio of tablets, laptops, and streaming devices, and introduce its very own smartphone,” Robert Lehar writes for Seeking Alpha. “Earlier this year, the company hired Rick Osterloh, the former president of Motorola, to lead a new hardware division and unify Google’s various hardware projects under one roof. The company’s growing ambitions with devices then inevitably result in plans to design, brand and sell the most important technology product in our lives — the smartphone (Google is still expected to continue working with OEMs on further Nexus handsets).”

“Google has quite a few reasons to design its own smartphone and have better control over its software, services, and total user experience. In the Android segment, the company is losing power to companies like Samsung and Huawei, fragmentation continues to plague the platform, and the European Commission is leading an antitrust investigation into Google’s prioritizing of its own services on Android devices,” Lehar writes. “On iOS, Google enjoys having access to hundreds of millions of highly engaged and affluent iPhone users (Goldman Sachs analysts estimate that ~75% of Google’s mobile search revenue in CY14 was made from iOS) but its position there is getting weaker as Apple stealthily pushes Google to the edge of iOS’s search ecosystem.”

“If you are Google, you need to act and take control,” Lehar writes. “The problem is — it is now too late.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Way, way, way too late.

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