“Apple has been waiting way too long to upgrade the storage, and it’s time to double down,” Stan Schroeder writes for Mashable.

“32GB is not a disaster by any means — after all, most smartphones start there (though, in fairness, most of them also offer a sizable memory expansion via microSD memory cards),” Schroeder writes. “But apps are getting bigger, photos are getting bigger, videos are getting huge (try recording 4K video on a 32GB phone and see how far you’ll get). Next year, all the flagship Androids will start at 64GB, mark my words.”

“Apple has traditionally been using its cheapest iPhone as bait to lure customers to buy the mid-range model. The somewhat sleazy practice became downright annoying when it became painfully obvious that 16GB of storage don’t cut it anymore — sometime around the iPhone 6 — and then Apple did it again next year,” Schroeder writes. “With the rumors that the iPhone 7 will be far more evolutionary than a revolutionary upgrade, having it start at 64GB would be a really nice touch…”

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MacDailyNews Take: Interesting idea. We doubt Apple will do it (this year).

Obviously, 16GB is for a certain target market, one that can live in the iCloud. The problem with that model, however, is that inexperienced buyers and inattentive resellers foist 16GB iPhones on people who really cannot manage to live in the iCloud and therefore could end up hating their iPhone (it won’t update, it’s perpetually packed full and therefore runs poorly, can’t take any photos, can’t download any more apps, etcetera).

Apple needs to ask themselves if the benefits of having a 16GB iPhone (“low” entry price and upselling platform for higher capacity iPhones) are worth the risk of disappointing those who are likely buying their first iPhone. For Apple, the quality of the user experience should always come first. — MacDailyNews, July 4, 2015

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