“Why isn’t there a Prime Video app on the Apple TV — and why doesn’t Amazon sell either the Apple TV nor the Chromecast on Amazon.com?” Dieter Bohn reports for The Verge. “According to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, it all comes down to ‘acceptable business terms.'”

Bohn reports, “When our own Nilay Patel pressed Bezos and asked whether those terms involved Apple’s famous 30 percent cut on all purchases, Bezos said that ‘private business decisions should stay private.'”

“He nevertheless pointed out that Amazon is happy to sell other ‘competitive products'” to the Fire TV, like the Roku and the PS4,” Bohn reports. “Those devices, presumably, gave Amazon ‘acceptable business terms.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Follow the money, as always. When Apple is ready to really get serious about Apple TV, they’ll hammer out a deal with Amazon, the largest online retailer in the United States.

Getting ready for ‘The Grand Tour’: How to watch Amazon Prime Video on Apple TV – May 20, 2016