“Today, the question on many FCPX professionals’ minds, is whether or not Final Cut Pro will see a major feature update at NAB 2016, like last year’s 10.2,” FCPX.tv writes.

“There is no better time or event to showcase an update for maximum exposure to a wide variety of video professionals from around the globe than NAB,” FCPX.tv writes. “Not just to the Final Cut Pro faithful, but to others who might be on the fence or even refuse to try FCPX for one reason or the other. NAB is the place to reach many, many video professionals.”

“Final Cut Pro has made significant strides in the high end professional marketplace over the last several years, especially with the major Hollywood films “Focus”, “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot” and “Geostorm”, which were all edited with Final Cut Pro,” FCPX.tv writes. “Michael Cioni from Light Iron recently had some directors, producers and editors from “Whiskey, Tango, Foxtrot” together in a panel discussing their workflow and why they chose to use FCPX.”

FCPX.tv writes, “Although Final Cut Pro could be updated at any time, if not at NAB 2016, the next logical timeframe would be in June around FCPX’s 5th year birthday.”

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MacDailyNews Take: NAB would be the best place for the next version of Final Cut Pro X. Now, how about an updated Mac Pro to go with it?