“When Dennis Anselmo started to ‘feel terrible’ he thought it was because he was coming down with a fever,” Daniel Jones reports for The Sun. “But when the 62-year-old glanced down at his Apple gadget he saw that his heart rate was more than 210 beats a minute.”

“Doctors who later cleared the blockage in his arteries told him if he had gone home and slept he would have likely had a second, fatal attack, in the middle of the night,” Jones reports. “Dennis told The Sun: ‘I was building a fence placing posts in the ground. We finished lunch at 1.15 and was back to work. I felt terrible – like I had a really bad flu. I worked for maybe ten minutes but said to my helper I need to sit down. As I sat there I started to fiddle with my Apple Watch.'”

Jones reports, “‘I have a very low pulse normally – about 50. Most people are 55 to 75. I brought it up and – and it was 210 bbm. I turned to my helper and said: We need an ambulance,’ [Dennis said].”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple Watch saves the day again!

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