“I don’t know where to start this,” Joe Armstrong blogs. “It started off as my post turkey festive season relaxation and just gets longer and longer.”

“I thought to myself ‘I’ll try and make a GUI in Swift using only emacs and the Swift REPL,'” Armstrong writes. “I Googled a bit (as one does these days) and found an amazing bit of code in Swift from the command line.”

“My immediate reaction was ‘Golly – Swift might just be usable’ and I was hooked. I’d also read that Swift was a functional language which again piqued my interest,” Armstrong writes. “In the next week or so I found that Swift was certainly not a pure functional language but that it was whole lot better than Objective-C.”

Much more, including code examples, in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Put open-sourcing Swift on that list of Apple’s 2015 “hits” under CEO Tim Cook.

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