“Brean Capital’s Ananda Baruah today pounds the table for shares of Apple, reiterating a Buy rating, and a $170 price target, urging investors to look past ‘supply chain ‘noise” regarding December and March iPhone shipments to what he sees as several positives,” Tiernan Ray reports for Barron’s. “Baruah also thinks that amidst all the noise predicting slow growth, or even declines, in iPhone in 2016 — a peak in the product’s lifespan — that the company can sell around 250 million units, or 7% growth from what he thinks will be 233 million units this calendar year, and possibly even see 10% growth.”

Ray reports, “Going quarter by quarter, Baruah thinks all the hand-wringin in recent weeks over December iPhone shipments will be proven wrong as the company beats a bogey of 76 million to 78 million in unit shipments: ‘We believe 1) the Street had unreasonably strong expectations coming into the Dec Q (generally set ~76M – 85M units shipped) and 2) that AAPL has had a very close eye on being able to achieve what has become a Dec Q Street iPhone estimate of 76M – 78M; we think that the company can deliver this number by building 70M – 75M and shipping the balance from inventory.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: The real story will be revealed for all to see in late January.

Those who underestimate Apple and Tim Cook are due for a rude awakening.MacDailyNews, November 23, 2013