“I use a Killspencer iPhone 6 case that affixes to the back of my phone and keeps my driver license and three credit cards with me at all times. Nothing could be easier than pulling out a card and swiping to purchase,” Matt Asay writes for ReadWrite. “Nothing, it turns out, except Apple Pay.”

“The reason has nothing to do with Apple Pay, per se, and everything to do with Touch ID, which is by far the biggest innovation in mobile phones in a long, long time,” Asay writes. “Apple CEO Tim Cook declared 2015 would ‘be the year of Apple Pay.’ A year later, it’s clear that 2015 has been anything but that… while Apple Pay adoption keeps rising, that rise is very, very slow.”

“As for why adoption has been so slow, chalk it up to inertia and ignorance,” Asay writes. “Ignorance of Apple Pay will fade over time, leaving the biggest problem being ease of use. But I’d argue that this, too, has more to do with ignorance than anything else… All you actually have to do is hold the phone near the register with your finger on the Touch ID ‘home’ button. That’s it.”

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