Ric Molina writes for Mac Gamer HQ, “There’s only one thing a self-respecting gamer should do this Halloween weekend: Play horror games.”

“And lucky you, when looking at the quality of horror games on Mac, you will notice one thing: The games are getting better and better,” Molina writes. “In 2015 alone, some excellent Mac horror games were released. There’re Outlast and Metro: Last Light Redux, and that’s barely the tip of the iceberg.”

“But fear not. This round-up is not limited to first-person shooters (although you can find the best ones here, if you’re a fan). It also includes adventure games, point-and-clicks and more. In fact, with so many great horror games out there, there’s definitely something for everyone,” Molina writes. “With Halloween around the corner, these scary Mac games are exactly what you need.”

The 10 best horror games for Mac are here.

MacDailyNews Take: Happy (day before) Halloween, everyone!