“At long last, nearly six months after Apple Watch started shipping, Apple has launched a Watch campaign that might turn some heads. Or better yet, open some eyes,” Ken Segall writes for Observatory. “The new ads are actually the polar opposite of the previous ones.”

“If you’re the kind, forgiving type, you might see the change as TechCrunch does: ‘These ads signal somewhat of a value shift in Apple’s Watch advertising as the product matures and the company looks to showcase its utility a bit more seriously,'” Segall writes. “Interesting. Where I come from, the best time to showcase a product’s utility is when it’s launched.”

“The simple truth is, the first Watch campaign was soft and fuzzy — long on emotion and short on lust. Way too many people reacted to those spots by saying “’I still don’t get why I’d want one,'” Segall writes. “The new campaign is not only 100x more clear — it actually gives the Watch a personality.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Yes, the new ads are a signifiacnt improvement – and just in time for holiday shopping season and (finally) wide Apple Watch availability, too!

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