“The coffee retailer [Starbucks] will begin accepting Apple Pay in U.S. stores this year, Jennifer Bailey, Apple’s head of payments, said Thursday at a tech conference in Half Moon Bay, California,” Douglas MacMillan reports for The Wall Street Journal. “All 7,500 U.S. coffee stores owned by Starbucks will accept Apple Pay by the end of 2016, Ms. Bailey said.”

“Apple’s service, launched a year ago at about 220,000 U.S. locations including McDonald’s and Macy’s, prompts shoppers to ditch their wallet and make purchases with an iPhone,” MacMillan reports. “More than one million stores now accept Apple Pay, a number the company predicts will grow to 1.5 million by the end of this year. In addition to Starbucks, Apple said Yum Brands Inc.’s KFC and Brinker International Inc.’s Chili’s plan to accept the payment service. An integration with Best Buy Co., that was announced earlier this year, went live in the electronics retailer’s 1,400 stores this week.”

“Ms. Bailey said retailers are beginning to customize the payment service in different ways, such as adding digital versions of loyalty cards or making it easy for restaurant customers to pay from their table, without the help of servers,” MacMillan reports. “The next big area for expansion could be travel, where consumers rely heavily on their phones for information and entertainment, Ms. Bailey said. Apple Pay could soon be used to help airline passengers order and pay for food and movies, she said.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Soon, even the naysayers won’t be able to pretend Apple Pay isn’t the success it already is.

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