“Mail is one of those apps most of us take for granted. It’s one of the first apps we configure when setting up a Mac,” Peter Cohen writes for Macworld. “In El Capitan, that foundational app experience is the same—what’s more, Apple has introduced big improvements to Mail 9 that make it easier to work on and do more with your messages.”

“Much more robust full-screen support and swipe gestures are two of Mail 9’s most noticeable visual changes,” Cohen writes. “That’s not all: Improved data detectors make it easier to add events to your calendar and contacts to your contact database. There are other under the hood improvements to make it easier to find what you need and act on it.”

“Mail 9 exemplifies a design philosophy often reiterated in Apple’s products: A conscious effort on Apple’s part to get the interface out of your way,” Cohen writes. “With improved data detectors, more effortless full-screen support, improved IMAP performance and the addition of iOS-like gestures, Apple’s making it that much easier for you to do things with email, instead of just reading it.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Anything that makes dealing with email easier and more efficient, we all for!