“One of the more common themes one tends to see in Apple Watch reviews is whether or not one truly ‘needs’ the device,” Yoni Heisler writes for BGR. “This has always struck me as odd because it seemingly holds the Apple Watch to a higher standard than almost every other luxury item on the planet.”

“The thing is, luxury items, by definition, aren’t needed at all,” Heisler writes. “They are coveted. They are desired. Their purpose is to entice. Luxury items lure people in and convince them to spend a lot of money even when cheaper alternatives abound. Need isn’t part of the equation.”

“Do auto buyers truly need a luxury BMW with a base price of $80,000? Do people really need to part with over $2,000 to pick up a Sony LED 4K Ultra HD TV? …Apple has never positioned or advertised the Apple Watch as something that one truly needs,” Heisler writes. “Yet, for whatever reason, this is the prism through which most reviewers and naysayers tend to judge the device.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s almost like certain reviewers couldn’t come up with much of anything negative about Apple Watch, so they resorted to inventing one. “Well, you don’t really need it,” they sniff.

As we’ve written many times when encountering this misplaced “need” criteria in Apple Watch reviews:

As for necessity, nothing beyond food, water, and shelter qualifies, so don’t make that a deciding factor. If you’d like something that saves you time throughout the day and makes managing many everyday activities significantly easier, then the Apple Watch is for you.

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