“Twelve years ago, with the launch of the iTunes music store, Apple changed how we purchase and listen to music,” Joan E. Solsman and Shara Tibken write for CNET. “Now it hopes to shake things up again — despite playing catchup this time around.”

“Apple is expected to debut a subscription streaming-music service, making it one of the central announcements at the company’s annual developers conference next week in San Francisco,” Solsman and Tibken write. “Consider it a reboot of the Beats Music streaming service it purchased last year.”

“Apple’s music service could once again change up how consumers purchase music by placing a spotlight on the burgeoning trend of music subscriptions. Instead of paying 99 cents a track, consumers pay a monthly fee — reportedly $10 a month — for access to virtually any song they want,” Solsman and Tibken write. “Apple’s advantage: hundreds of millions of consumers are already familiar and comfortable with iTunes. And Apple has their credit card and purchase information already stored.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Music subscriptions will finally come of age with the launch of Apple Music.


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