“Apple Inc. is offering same-day delivery in the San Francisco Bay Area. Analysts don’t think it will alter the Mac maker’s strategy for brick-and-mortar locations, but could there be another goal with this initiative?” Louis Bedigian writes for Benzinga. “”

“Dan Miller, senior analyst and founder of Opus Research, thinks that Apple is definitely keeping an eye on Amazon.com, Inc.,” Bedigian writes. “‘Amazon has been setting the standard on retail logistics,’ Miller told Benzinga. ‘In a funny way they’ve been calling the shots ever since Amazon Prime added all these refinements, like the button and putting packages in people’s cars. Every retailer, whether it’s Target or Best Buy, is recognizing that customers will gravitate toward the retailer that can promise the fastest delivery time.’ Still, Miller said that Apple’s venture ‘sounds like a soft launch.'”

Bedigian writes, “‘Given the construction around the [local] Apple Store and how hard it is to get to it, I can see why you’d want to attract customers with the promise of speedy delivery,’ he added. ‘I think you’re gonna see more of this. If you think three years ahead and all the rumors about these dispatched systems like Uber, not just being about cars but being about everything you use in your life, Apple has to at least experiment with this and find out how to stay in this rapid delivery cycle domain.'”

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MacDailyNews Take: Imagine the convenience and customer satisfaction that an Uber-like service for Apple Retail Stores would deliver!

Need to replace you and your wife’s iPhones? Forget driving X number of miles to the nearest Apple Retail Store. You call Apple, back up and wipe your phones, and soon an agent arrives with your new iPhones. Restore from your backups. A minute later another agent arrives to pick up the old iPhones. Done.