“Spotify may soon be limiting its free, ad-supported access to just three months, instead of its open-ended, unlimited freemium access plan currently, according to multiple sources,” Paul Resnikoff reports for Digital Music News.

“The three-month ‘proposal,’ advanced most principally by major labels Universal Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment, would allow current, free-access, ad-supported (or ‘freemium’) subscribers to continue their plans for 6 months, while new users would be limited to three months only,” Resnikoff reports. “Spotify is apparently disinterested in curtailing freemium at all, and has advanced the idea that its freemium-to-premium migration path is working. But at ‘just’ 15 million paying subscribers, major label decision-makers remain less-than-swayed, and Spotify’s power in the negotiations has its limitations.”

“The three-month plan would also allow a number of artists and labels to extend past three months, if they so choose,” Resnikoff reports. “Those artists would be grouped into ’emerging’ or ‘up-and-coming’ playlists, similar to an idea being drafted at Apple for its upcoming streaming service (now simply called ‘Apple Music’).”

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