“Perhaps one of the more ubiquitous problems that OS X users encounter is a periodic inability to maintain a steady Wi-Fi connection,” Topher Kessler reports for MacIssues.

“While for many people Wi-Fi is relatively stable, for others there may be times (sometimes quite frequent), where the connection will drop, give an error, and otherwise refuse to join,” Kessler reports. “There are many reasons why Wi-Fi connections may do this, including everything from electromagnetic interference to faulty configurations, so troubleshooting it may be daunting.”

Kessler reports, “However, if you find yourself running into this issue regularly, then there are a few quick fixes that should get you up and running again.”

Five quick fixes for Wi-Fi troubles in OS X here.

MacDailyNews Take: Our Wi-Fi issue seem to have cleared up with the purchase of a new modem, replacing the one from the cable company (that had Wi-Fi supposedly disabled, but may have somehow been competing with our Airport units), or it might just have been coincidence. Whatever, Wi-Fi issues are vexing and sometimes difficult to troubleshoot.