“When the Apple Watch was first announced, Apple called it their ‘most personal device ever’ and it turns out that the company wasn’t kidding!” Jim Lynch writes for CIO. “Apple Watch owners have wasted no time in integrating the Apple Watch into the most…er…personal aspects of their lives.”

“Yes, the Apple Watch is already becoming a tool to enhance intimacy between consenting adults,” Lynch writes. “Think I’m kidding or exaggerating? A redditor recently took his Apple Watch into the bedroom and shared the number of calories burned during his intimate encounter.”

“And funny as his post was, it’s clear that some Apple Watch owners out there are already experimenting with the new device in the most intimate parts of their lives,” Lynch writes. “None of this should come as a surprise to anyone, it’s pretty much par for the course for new technology to make its way into the bedroom at one point or another. We’ve seen it many times in the past with VHS video, CDs and DVDs, mobile phones, etc. Sex always ends up becoming one of the primary uses for new technologies.”

“Apple has never been very comfortable with sex and its products. The company has tried to mostly steer clear of the topic altogether,” Lynch writes. “But the reddit post about sex and the Apple Watch has me thinking that perhaps there’s an entirely new category of intimacy apps that might someday be available for adult users: sexual fitness apps… If you take a careful look at the current app developer guidelines, there’s really nothing in them that prohibits sexual fitness apps.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Gives new meaning to “pairing” with Apple Watch.

But, “sexual fitness apps?” Forget that. Just use Workout, choose Other, and be done with it.

No, when it comes to sex and the Apple Watch, we only need two words: Taptic Engine.

Turning on “Prominent Haptic” wouldn’t hurt, either. 😉