The Apple Watch “is sure to sell like gangbusters out of the gate, but to achieve long-term success, Apple needs to find solutions to the following problems,” Chris Slate writes for TechRadar.

1. It lacks a defining must-have feature: There’s no single feature that marketers can use to define the product as unique or necessary.

2. It needs an iPhone: Anyone who doesn’t own a newish iPhone can’t use an Apple Watch… A PC user might still buy an iPad, and someone with a Samsung tablet might still pick a MacBook, but zero Android users will own an Apple Watch.

3. People don’t wear watches anymore: I wore a watch for years, but quit when I got used to pulling out my iPhone all the time.

4. It’s yet another gadget to carry: Our pockets, purses and backpacks are bursting with digital devices these days, from mobile phones and tablets to health trackers and handheld game systems.

5. It’ll be pricey: With no clear, defining reason to own one, many could view the device as nice but not necessary.

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MacDailyNews Take: iCal’ed.

1. “It lacks a defining must-have feature.” Apple Pay alone will sell the device.
2. “It needs an iPhone.” Requires iPhone 5 or later. Over 388 million iPhone units have been sold since iPhone 5’s debut.
3. “People don’t wear watches anymore.” Watches that just present the time and/or date, you mean.
4. “It’s yet another gadget to carry.” You don’t carry Apple Watch, you wear it.
5. “It’ll be pricey.” If $350 is too much for what Apple Watch offers, you’re not the type of customer Apple wants. Go get yerself a Sammmysung, dummy!