“If you take the release notes from Apple seriously, you’d believe the headline feature about restoring some lost ringtones was the big story of iOS 8.1.2,” Mark Rogowsky writes for Forbes. “”

“Indeed, Forbes‘ Ewan Spence questioned Apple’s sincerity with respect to the update for that reason and Gordon Kelly was rather more pointed in his criticisms. But then a funny thing happened: I went and downloaded it anyway, mostly because I can’t stand seeing the Settings icon beckoning me to do so with that number 1 floating over it,” Rogowsky writes. “Lo and behold, Bluetooth problems I’ve been having for weeks with the iPhone 6 have mostly (entirely?) disappeared.”

“What isn’t apparent is whether the 8.1.2 update contains any new Bluetooth-related software or perhaps if it just manages to correctly reset some parameters in the iPhone to get things working well again. But I’m not sure the technical details matter much to me,” Rogowsky writes. “If you’re having problems, they might not matter much to you either. Download the update as soon as you have a chance and let us know if it helps.”

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