“There’s one sense in which Apple and Beats are certainly a perfect match — there are no other tech companies on the planet so likely to divide tech fans,” Luke Westaway reports for CNET. “But love ’em or hate ’em, Beats has, in a remarkably short space of time, turned one pair of bass-heavy headphones into a vast music empire.”

“A recent Statista survey found that 46 percent of US teens are planning on making Beats their next headphone purchase,” Westaway reports. “The company isn’t universally loved however, and Beats — which was created by co-founders Dr Dre and Jimmy Iovine, initially in partnership with high-end audio firm Monster Cable — regularly draws the ire of audiophiles.”

“Beats was never courting the enthusiast crowd however” Westaway reports, “instead building fashionable gadgetry for people who’d never otherwise have considered spending $300 on a pair of headphones, and leaning on co-founder Jimmy Iovine’s extensive music biz contact book to get the Beats brand into the public consciousness.”

Learn how Beats’ savvy marketing turned the brand into a powerful force, one that Apple was only too happy to thrown down $3B to acquire, here.

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