“As people who wear fitness trackers will attest to, they can be useful, but none really stand out and they often end up discarded in a drawer somewhere after the novelty wears off,” Sanjiv Sathiah writes for Electronista. “The same can probably be said for users who have experimented with some of the first smartwatches to date (I know I have one or two lying around gathering dust). However, there is certainly room for a wearable device that takes the best of both of these device categories, marries them, while extending the depth and capability of their overall functionality – and importantly – their usability. A more advanced health tracker that also offers other smartwatch-like functions that delivers innovation in spades could take off.”

“If it has an Apple logo on it, the iWatch will come with an implicit promise that it will be fully conceived, beautifully designed, and properly executed. This doesn’t mean that it can’t and won’t be improved in subsequent iterations; of course it will. But you can be assured that version one of the iWatch won’t hit the market unless it is a truly great product,” Sathiah writes. “The original iPhone and iPad were more like second or third-generation products in that they were highly refined and fundamentally well-thought out from the beginning of their respective product lifecycles. In fact, the iPhone was so advanced that companies like BlackBerry and Microsoft were said to be in shock at the fact that Apple was able to release a device like the iPhone at the time… There is every reason to expect that the Apple iWatch will be similarly advanced for its time compared to the current competition.”

Sathiah writes, “Only Apple will be able to deliver the first truly successful and useful smartwatch because only Apple has the singular vision, ambition and ability to create truly great products. The iWatch will confirm Apple CEO Tim Cook is the real deal, while it will also reinforce Steve Jobs’ view that Apple’s “brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.”

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