“Apple’s latest desktop operating system won’t officially be released until sometime this fall. But now that the public beta of OS X Yosemite is open, both developers and a large number of Mac owners are able to preview the new OS.,” Christina Bonnington reports for Wired.

“In this edition, we take on the new features in the beta version of Apple’s native email client, Mail,” Bonnington reports. “Apple left the Mail interface largely alone, just tweaking its colors, textures, and fonts to match the rest of Yosemite.”

“One of the first new features I wanted to check out in Yosemite’s Mail app was Markup. As I anticipated, the ability to markup photos and documents right in the Mail environment was not only handy, it was kind of fun,” Bonnington reports. “You can also use this feature to sign PDFs and documents within Mail, which means (hallelujah!) you don’t need to wrangle a web or third party PDF editor just to scribble your digital signature onto a form.”

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