“IDC released its estimates for June quarter tablet shipments and except for Lenovo and Tier 3 vendors it wasn’t a pretty picture,” Chuck Jones writes for Forbes. “Worldwide tablet shipments grew 11% year over year to 49.3 million and declined 2% from the March quarter. While the 11% growth rate was substantially better than the March quarter’s 4% year over year growth it was largely due to Lenovo, up 60% year over year, and the other category growing 39%.”

“Apple maintained its number one share position at 26.9% (13.3 million iPads) but is down from 33.0% a year ago (14.6 million) and 60.2% two years ago (17 million). Samsung has seen its share increase from two years ago from 7.4% to 17.2% but it is down slightly from 18.8% a year ago,” Jones writes. “Lenovo came in third but lags far behind at 4.9% share in the June quarter. It has seen strong growth at almost 65% year over year but since it was 4.8% share in the September 2013 quarter its growth rate looks like it will significantly decelerate this quarter. The ‘other’ category has seen its share increase from 21.4% two years ago to 37% a year ago to 44.4% this year.”

“While it is a U.S. and Canadian survey, Chitika Insights latest data shows iPads share of ad impressions holding steady in the high 70% area with Amazon second at 7.3% and Samsung third at 6.3%. This type of statistic is an important gauge on which tablets are being used and could be more important than unit market shares,” Jones writes. “The share shifts in the tablet market feel similar to the smartphone market. Apple is losing share but maintaining a good lead in usage and profitability.”

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MacDailyNews Take: Apple doesn’t compete in accumulating market (unit) share. Apple competes, and dominates, in amassing quality customers. See related articles below.

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