“German designer Hartmut Esslinger met Steve Jobs in January 1982. Asked what he thought about Apple, he said it was a cool idea, but bad design,” Rebecca Borison reports for Business Insider. “‘He didn’t like that I said the products were incredibly ugly and wasteful in production,’ Esslinger says. ‘But when I explained, he understood.'”

“Esslinger would soon join Apple, where he worked with Jobs for years coming up with groundbreaking designs including concepts that resemble the iPhone, iPad, and iWatch that never made it to market,” Borison reports. “We spoke to Esslinger on Apple, the problems with smartwatches, the risk of not designing for the future, and the flaws of other tech companies.

I think the public image of Steve is very false. It’s way too anecdotal. He was a very authentic person; very talented, and he could see things others couldn’t see. He also had courage. He didn’t care for himself. He accepted creativity, respected it. He also said ‘Yeah, what I cannot do, you do.’ That’s what I learned from Steve, that I couldn’t do everything, I had to recognize what I could do, and for everything else I had to find someone else as a partner. Steve was a really brilliant person. When he got angry, it was because he could not bear stupidity, he could not accept dishonesty and pretentiousness. He had his edges and many still complain, but he was a truly good person. – Hartmut Esslinger

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