“According to a market study by Good Technology, the iPad owns 90-plus percent of the enterprise tablet market,” Charles Moore writes for Technology Tell. “However, it’s not just iOS that’s making inroads on erstwhile Microsoft turf these days. VMware’s VP of Marketing, End-User Computing Erik Frieberg contends in a blog that Microsoft Windows’s decades-long dominance of the enterprise desktop environment is coming to an end, thanks to corporate BYOPC and BYOD policies transforming enterprise computing ecosystems, and Macs having become a popular and preferred option compared to Windows PCs.”

“However, InformationWeek’s Michael Endler cautions against unwarranted exuberance in the Mac community based on this and a few other recent surveys pointing to Apple gaining ground in enterprise IT,” Moore writes. “Endler acknowledges that Apple is making some progress on that front, but emphasizes that projections predicting that Macs will supplant Windows PCs in the workplace are premature, noting that Windows still holds over 90 percent of the market, and OS X having actually lost share so far in 2014. In April, Apple reported its fiscal second-quarter earnings that included 4.14 million Mac sales, a slight increase year-over-year during an interval when the overall PC industry was shrinking.”

“On the other hand, Endler notes that VMware’s findings echo several similar reports,” Moore writes, “including a survey of 309 IT pros by JAMF Software, in which 90 percent of respondents indicated their company supports iOS devices, and some 60% affirmed support for Macs; the above-mentioned market study by Good Technology showing the iPad owning 90-plus percent of the enterprise tablet market; the research firm Forrester reporting an uptick in enterprise Mac adoption in a June interview with InformationWeek.”

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MacDailyNews Take: It’s going to take a lot of shoveling to make a dent in Microsoft’s mountain of shit, but the fecal pile that is Windows is definitely shrinking. As more and more companies embrace BYOD and as the human roadblock of MCSE-certified IT doofuses age out and are replaced with new, open-minded blood (raised on iPhones, iPods, iPads, and Macs, no less), Microsoft’s putrid load will be removed with ever-increasing speed.

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