“When Apple launched its first-party mapping software alongside iOS 6, users immediately discovered that there were a significant number of issues with the map data,” Mike Beasley reports for 9to5Mac. “Apple eventually issued an apology and said that the release was not up to the company’s standards.”

“Ever since the app debuted, it has had an option to report incorrect POI data to Apple,” Beasley reports. “Until recently, however, it seemed that those reports were simply going to an unmonitored inbox to make users feel like they’d done something to help.”

“Just over a week ago, Reddit user ‘heyyoudvd’ noticed that a number of incorrect data points in his area had been corrected—more than had ever been fixed in the previous two years, and many of which he had reported,” Beasley reports. “Now ‘heyyoudvd’ says he’s noticed an even bigger change… According to a new post from the Redditor, the Maps application recently started downloading new, corrected POI data once a week. Now the application checks for this new information every single day. The updates are pushed to iOS devices at 3 AM eastern time (midnight in Cupertino).”

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