“As I look forward to the likely September launch of the next iPhone, I can’t help but wonder how the heck Apple is going to name its new lineup,” Chris Maxcer writes for TechNewsWorld. “Make no mistake, the naming scheme for the iPhone is due for a change. Last year, the shakeup was two form factors that introduced the plastic body of the iPhone 5c with the clear flagship iPhone 5s model.”

“It’s rumored Apple will break from tradition by introducing the next iPhone in two new screen sizes — 4.7 inches and 5.5 inches,” Maxcer writes. “Once you tilt your head at the numbers here and imagine two new iPhones, how will Apple name them? In Appleland, smaller always costs less, while bigger always costs more. That’s intuitive enough for consumers — but with the new iPhone, will bigger actually be better? I can’t imagine that Apple would call the lower-priced option an iPhone 6c (never mind that the rumored photos don’t appear to include plastic).”

“Apple has to come up with a simple solution that will make intuitive sense to most consumers. Brand and product recognition are key to Apple. My best guess is that Apple will keep it simple. The 4.7-incher will simply be the ‘iPhone 6.’ It will be the lead model,” Maxcer writes. “The variants, like the 5.5-incher, will get another letter. Which letter? I have no idea. Meanwhile, that would allow Apple to continue to offer an iPhone 6c if it wanted to continue its entry-level line.”

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MacDailyNews Take: iPhablet®. 😉

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