“Amazon is facing a battle with UK publishers as it seeks to secure more advantageous terms in its latest round of contract negotiations,” Joe Miller reports for BBC News. “The web giant wants the right to print books itself if publishers fail to provide adequate stock. Additionally, it is asking that any pricing deal between publishers and other distributors is also offered to Amazon, so that no-one can undercut it. One mid-sized firm accused Amazon of “bullying,” and warned that the company was destroying the industry. Trade magazine the Bookseller was first to report that Amazon had introduced a number of new clauses in its recent contract proposals to independent UK publishers.”

“Among these were the right for Amazon to print its own copies of a book if a publisher runs out of stock. The Seattle-based company would do this using its ‘print-on-demand’ equipment, and would require publishers to hand over electronic versions of their titles,” Miller reports. “The process, which can print books more quickly than a traditional press, is generally thought to offer an inferior product. Publishers are concerned that if Amazon used this method to print books, customers would blame them, and not the tech firm, for the quality.”

“Another clause, known in the industry as a “most favoured nation” (MFN) proposal, asks publishers not to offer promotions to distributors without also offering them to Amazon. This would include selling books at a discount on the publishers’ own websites,” Miller reports. “It also demands that publishers inform Amazon before offering e-book deals to other clients, and give the tech firm the same terms.”

MacDailyNews Take: Amazon is not a tech firm. It’s a warehouse with a website run by a bald midget with a massive Napoleon Complex.

Peddling badged plastic pretend iPads and fake iPhones to the unsuspecting does not a tech firm make.

Miller reports, “The BBC spoke to independent UK publishing companies who were alarmed at the proposals. One representative of a mid-sized firm said Amazon had become ‘increasingly ruthless’ in its negotiations, while another accused Amazon of ‘bullying.’ One boss added that they believed the MFN clause would cause Amazon to fall foul of competition rules, and should be of concern to regulators.”

Read more in the full article here.

MacDailyNews Take: Amazon’s tiny little man has been emboldened by an inept U.S. DOJ and its clueless puppet. Will any authority correct this egregious error?

[Thanks to MacDailyNews Reader “CaptainWhizz” for the heads up.]

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