“O.K., that’s a bit of an exaggeration. Angela Ahrendts, the former Burberry chief executive lured away to revitalize Apple retail and e-tail did not exactly speak — she wrote a diary entry-cum-inspirational post about her new job, titled ‘Starting Anew,’ on LinkedIn,” Vanessa Friedman writes for The New York Times. “That alone is worth noting — it makes for a contrast with Apple’s typically super-closed culture.”

“But what’s also interesting is that Ms. Ahrendts’s post is awfully… touchy-feely for an exec at a tech company. Together, those aspects suggest a new direction, at least when it comes to outreach, for the brand,” Friedman writes. “One that looks a lot like what fashion, especially high-end fashion, has been doing for a while now.”

“Just consider the content of her post,” Friedman writes. “She admits to insecurity. She advises people to discuss personal matters. She tells the them to talk to each other, not just their personal devices.”

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